Idea Scrapbook

I’m an avid reader – both electronic and paper content. Every day I come across articles that catch my attention and naturally I want to spread those ideas around – those thought-provoking sentences that make me want to research and create and discuss. Perhaps, here would be a good place to start? Even if I…

Travelling to Paris & London with our 5 month old baby

My wife’s close cousin set his wedding date (August 31st, 2018) and location (Croydon, England) while my wife was pregnant with our first child. We live in Toronto, Canada and assured him we would attend. We thought, since we’re travelling to Europe anyway why not tack on a short trip to Paris before the wedding?…

Adventures in Wellness: Billy, Bob and Painful Periods

In my quest for a living a more healthful life I have decided to try to balance my hormones.  I haven’t had any particular tests or medical professional tell me things aren’t right but my wonky menstrual cycle and heavy painful periods seem to indicate all is not sunny down under. My periods have been…

The joys of working in health care

This post was actually drafted in 2013 and I finally figured out how to log back in to my account and I still work in MRI. Working in healthcare has unique challenges and quirks. Patients with strange special requests, unusual medical history and mysterious odors. I am an MRI technologist.  I work with a scanner…

I’m ba-aack!

Well it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done anything on here. I honestly couldn’t remember my password or even what email address the account was linked to but after several guesses I am back in business baby! I have been itching to create something lately. Honestly, it’s easy to talk myself out of creation…

Chronos & Kairos

I am currently reading Carry On, Warrior (the Power of Embracing your Messy, Beautiful Life) by Glennon Doyle Melton. One chapter, titled Don’t Carpe Diem discusses parenting and the nature of time. It inspired me to google a bit more and then write. The Ancient Greeks had two words to describe time: chronos and kairos….



Okiedokie here are the patterns. 

Chihuahua side-button sweater knitting pattern 

Measure your dog: around the neck, length of neck, around the ribcage, length from front legs to in front of groin (so they don’t pee on the sweater), length from base of neck to base of tail. 

I used 4mm knitting needles and worsted weight yarn

Cast on number of stitches to give you the measurement around the neck (for Booboo 24 stitches). Knit k1p1 ribbing to give you the measurement of length of the neck (for Booboo 6 rows). Bind off half of the row.   Cast on the number of stitches that will give you the total measurement around the rib cage (when added to remaining stitches on needle). Knit stockinette or seed stitch (k1p1) for the the number of rows equal to length between front legs and groin. Bind off half of stitches. Measure your work from base of neck strip to end of work, continue knitting to give you length from base of neck to base of tail (for Booboo another inch) then bind off work. 

Weave in ends. Using crochet needle, chain 6-8 stitches and stitch on button loops. Length of chain depends on size of buttons you decide to use. 



Knit Headband

So Leah wanted a headband and I wanted something easy and quick. I found this pattern 

Knitty Joy & the first Hamid grandbaby

I love to knit. I find I usually knit in fits and bursts. Crocheting was my first crafty love. My mom taught us how when we were little. We would crank out lumpy ugle squares of colorful yarn – Look mom a pot holder! I’ll go months without picking up any kind of needles and…

Grindstone Autumn Sky

Grindstone Autumn Sky

Yellows and oranges on blue. When its not rainy its gorgeous. Oh autumn I love you.